3 Reasons to Try Professional Snow Removal this Winter

3 Reasons to Try Professional Snow Removal this Winter 

Posted by Walter Whal on November 30, 2018  

removing snow and salting pavement 

Winter is on its way, and for Idaho businesses, that means getting prepared now for snow removal. Have you been handling the job yourself or are you thinking about taking it on this year for the first time? Here's a look at what that could mean for your business. 

  1. You'll need some heavy-duty equipment. Commercial snow removal is a lot more complicated than plowing a driveway, and your company will need to invest in a truck with a mount and snowplow to accomplish the task correctly. You may also need backup equipment in case yours fails. By relying on a professional snow removal company, you can shift the cost of equipment to someone else and only pay when you need their services. 

  1. You may need to hire additional employees. Does your current staff have the expertise to pull off large-scale snow removal? You may need to provide training, hire new staff members, and purchase increased liability insurance as well. If you're planning to do the work yourself, don't forget to factor in the cost of being away from your business. Leaving the staffing and insurance costs to a commercial services provider may be a better financial option for your company. 

  1. Are you prepared for snow removal at any hour? Snow and ice storms can impact your company's parking lots and sidewalks at any time of the day or night. A commercial snow removal company can monitor the weather for you and respond at the first sign of trouble with plows and de-icing solutions, even when Idaho's weather deals out its worst. 

Are you prepared for the worst this winter? Why not leave snow removal to the professionals this winter so you can concentrate on your business? Contact Pavement Specialities of Idaho to learn more today! 

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