Protect Your Pavement From the Elements

Make it more durable with residential sealcoating services in Boise, ID

Did you know that water and other liquids can cause your asphalt surfaces to deteriorate? Keep your driveway, walkway, sidewalk or parking lot in top condition with commercial or residential sealcoating services from Pavement Specialties of Idaho Inc. Our crew will apply a protective coating to your pavement to help extend its service life and improve its performance.

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Why should you bother sealing your pavement?

Why should you bother sealing your pavement?

With commercial sealcoating services from Pavement Specialties of Idaho Inc., we'll make your asphalt:

  • Chemical-resistant, which will make it easier to clean.
  • Durable and more slip-resistant than untreated asphalt.
  • Glossy and smooth, which can brighten up your property.
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Over the past three decades, Pavement Specialties of Idaho Inc., in conjunction with Eterna-Line Corporation of Idaho, has honed and refined our materials and methods toward maximizing the maintenance benefit for each dollar spent. We have gained experience by working with different state DOT programs, nearly every federal agency - FHWA, FAA, ABLM, BiA, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, AF, as well as countless counties, cities, and private parties. We have been included in many experimental trial programs. This commitment has allowed us to learn, develop, and equip for many different materials, construction methods, and application procedures. We are dedicated to continuing investment and training.

Research has demonstrated that properly applied - and properly timed - seal coat can save the owner of a property tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the pavement. Sealcoating can save real dollars for pavement owners. Unsealed pavement can require repairs starting in the second year and could, in some cases, require an overlay or extensive repairs prematurely.

Pavement Specialties recommends seal coating 6-12 months after initial pavement installation. This time frame will allow proper curing of the asphalt. However, shorter time frames between paving and seal coating in many cases will create better adhesion, due to the high oil content of the asphalt, providing up to 30% longer wear-life of the seal coat. Sealcoating decreases the ability for water to penetrate the asphalt, reducing potential hydraulic pumping and failure of the sub-grade due to water penetration.

Prior to Sealcoating

Crack Repair

Prior to seal coating, it is recommended that you repair any structural damage to the asphalt. The most common repair is crack filling. The following are the most common crack repair approaches we use.

Parking Lots

Pavement Specialties recommends cracks in parking areas be blown clean and filled. Many times the parking lot industry will adopt government specifications, recommending routing of the crack prior to filling. Due to the low traffic volume of parking areas vs. roadways, and the lack of constant kneading of the asphalt created by traffic, a parking lot will often turn brittle, causing an excessive expansion in routed cracks. Crack fill material for parking lots will meet ASTM 5078-95 or ASTM 5078-90 specifications.


Roadway specifications usually follow government specifications. Normal procedures require routing of cracks, which are 1/4" to 1/2" and have not been previously filled. Existing cracks that have been filled will require cleaning by a heat lance, with air. The standard specification for crack fill product for this application is ASTM 3405.

Here is a list of Pavement Specialties standard parking lot and roadway sealers:

  • Pro-Seal
  • Pro-Master Seal
Remember, asphalt sealers can be manufactured to meet your specific asphalt needs under most circumstances. There are two parts to adding life to an asphalt sealer. The first part is at the manufacturing stage, by increasing the oil and solid content of the product. The second part to increase the life of your seal coat is by the application method. The first coat of any seal coat is always the most critical, this is where all the adhesion lies. While not always economical in a smaller lot, the first coat should always be placed with an applicator. An applicator is a motorized unit capable of holding 200 gallons or more of material and will have a rubber squeegee that is approximately 8' wide behind the applicator. The squeegee will assist in applying the material into the crevasses of the asphalt as well as mix any small amount of foreign materials into the blend to help ensure proper adhesion of the product. Placing the first coat with an applicator will add up to 30% more life to your seal coat. After the first coat dries, additional coats can be applied by squeegee or spray in order to meet your required application rate. When asking for a quote remember to ask your contractor how the asphalt sealer will be installed and the method he uses to measure the application rate of product applied.

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