2 Simple Rules to Avoid Pavement Problems

2 Simple Rules to Avoid Pavement Problems 

Posted by Walter Whal on June 8, 2017  

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Taking care of pavement is something that continues for the entirety of your ownership over the property. Do not overlook the importance of maintaining your pavement surfaces. While it may be tempting to skip repairs to save money, you will cost yourself much more over time. 

How to Keep Your Pavement in Top Shape 

1. Proactively Fix Potholes 

First of all, what causes potholes? The simple answer is the expansion and contraction of water. To understand why Spring is pothole season, think about how groundwater gets under pavement and how it expands when frozen and contracts once temperatures rise and it thaws. The asphalt is weakened and leaves holes where the pavement collapses. 

If you proactively fix potholes, you will prevent more water from entering under the pavement and creating even bigger potholes. Therefore the more quickly you attend to existing potholes the better chance you have at keeping new ones from forming. 

In addition to being a sight for sore eyes, potholes are dangerous and can cause damage to vehicles and pedestrians alike. 

2. ‘Crackfill’ Once or Twice a Year 

Another paving problem that is avoidable with maintenance is cracks in asphalt. The issue with ignoring breaks is that you could face a complete redo of your driveway or parking lot if not taken care of right away. Not only does this include the cost of removing and replacing the asphalt, but the cost of permits and additional landscape requirements. 

There are many reasons for cracking, such as installation problems or regular wear and tear. A paving company can provide ‘crackfill’ service required to sustain your asphalt. 

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