3 Big Paving Mistakes to Avoid and How to Avoid Them

3 Big Paving Mistakes to Avoid and How to Avoid Them 

Posted by Walter Whal on July 11, 2017  

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Anytime a solution promises to be a ‘quick fix’, it’s probably not the best choice. Paving over pesky issues will prove only to have them show up later down the road. Here are three of the biggest paving mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. 

1. Resurfacing a Parking Lot with Cracks 

Paving over a parking lot with cracks does not solve the problem. If you take this route, you will end up with the same cracked parking lot in 3-5 years. Instead, crack filling can be done as an asphalt repair service. After this preventive measure, you can resurface the parking lot. 

Before crack filling, clean the crack and then measure the depth and width. This way you will know how much sealant to use. 

2. Paving Over Potholes 

If you pave over potholes, you are ignoring the source of the problem. Potholes are created by the expansion and contraction of ground water under the pavement. In other words, when groundwater freezes under pavement once it melts again the pavement collapses. 

Once you figure out the weak spots around the potholes, you can crack seal to prevent the intrusion water into the pavement structure. 

3. Ignoring Draining Issues 

You can only fix a parking lot draining issue before paving. To correct this problem, you can install small relief drains, profile to remove high spots or install a drainage swale. It is possible to fix this drainage issues, and they should not be ignored. 

To prevent future issues always take the time to make sure your parking lot is prepared for new pavement. 

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